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Get Haggling Safely on our site :-

Mark sure you meet the Freelancer in person or with a friends before paying any money :-

If they claim to be overseas, be very careful it’s your reasonability to ask the person for a viewing of the property or meet with you before accepting you as their Freelancer Remember be safe:- Seeing is believing but knowing is the best

Remember Ask questions about area also the property or service for haggling.Genuine Haggler , Agent should be able to answer your Questions.

Use members of a professional accreditation scheme (e.g.RSPH CERTIFICATE etc).

If you directly dealing, with Hagglers ask for proof of ID'S before starting work or paying for haggle.

Never give your personal information or banking information to others over the phone or internet, example:-

photocopies of passport, driving licence or credit card number. A landlord or agency may be given once you’ve met them in person, look at the property and is happy to proceed with the job arrangement. You should always view requests for personal information by someone you haven’t met with extreme caution.

Be careful Use sense.If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Never provide your personal or banking information.

Do not give out personal, credit card or online account details (e.g. social insurance number, bank account number) over the Internet/email or phone. We advise only buying and selling with people you can meet. Fraudsters don't meet people that are how they get caught! Be aware of scam the money Gram or western to pay or deposit money if you need help contactus@globalpsltd.co.uk for more info.

Haggling Freelancering Safely :-

Simple steps for a safe and successful experience on our website:-

Never send goods or services upfront in advance of receiving payment for your work or service and don’t send your hard earn money before seeing or having the job done.

For your own safety, meet in public, make sure you have someone home with you, or at least tell a friend what you’re having done. When dealing with Hagglers or Haggling your properties or services we suggest that you let your family and other people know , your were about and what you having done at home.

Remember be safe: - seeing is believing but knowing is the best. Be aware of Scam’s let us know about it Contact Us.

Customer’s Always look at ID'S Let family know whats going on Leave a number were you are Haggler name or Address Remember Stay Safe

Safe Haggling for Hagglers :-

Simple steps for a safe and successful Haggling experience:-

Never send or wire money to sellers or buyers.This includes never mailing a cheques or using payment services like Western Union or Money Gram to pay for items found on http://globalpsltd.co.uk/

Before handing over any money or Haggling services makes sure you are Happy . For your safety, meet in public you can take someone with you, let people know your where about. Don’t take money with you until you see the product or services. If you are happy you can take them to the bank to get the money always meet with the Hagger if you are Paying for any service, we suggest you meetup first. If you are happy then you can pay, either go to the bank with the seller to make the payment or arrange to meet somewhere safe with the money.

Other Tips :-

Remember be safe :- seeing is believing but knowing is the best. Be aware of scam’s let us know about it Contact us.

Is it a scam ? The top warning signs :-

Remember on website you get all types of people on it from all around the world so be careful in the ‘real’ world.

Remember: Hagglers are all around the world. Try meeting up face to face, it will help you from potential scams.

Things you need to look for scrams online :-

Asking you to use services like Western Union or Money Gram. This is not the best way to do business with strangers. Fraudsters love it so don’t be fool, to us it on here .if you ever ask to use it think first. Use these services in any way should make you thinks and shouldn’t be followed.

Payment or protection services allegedly offered by Hagglers or other well known sites such as eBay or PayPal. These are fake and are known as ‘spoof’ or ‘phishing’ emails . We doesn’t offer any form of payment scheme or protection. Other companies may offer payment or protection schemes, We does not offer any sort of buyer protection or payment programs.

We does not act as an intermediary and does not make arrangements for any payments or transactions. If you are contacted by someone who claims to be from GLOBALPS LTD, and you are asked to transfer money for an item for sale, this will be an illegitimate request and any emails you receive of this type will also be fraudulent. DO NOT follow any of the instructions contained within the email or given over the phone. If you receive any emails promoting these services, please immediately contact us.

Company offering a service, always go directly to the company’s official website and look for details of the service.

Cheque Overpayment :-

Don’t accept any cheque overpaid to you becarefull because it may be refused weeks later and you would be change by the bank so stay away from that 3. Beware of the Overpayment Scams and bounced cheques. Be suspicious if you are overpaid for products and a number of credit card numbers are used. The scammer is expecting you to/will transfer the refund; either paying for the freight before then discovering the cheque they sent out to you has bounced or before realizing the money order/credit cards details they produced were phony

Fake escrow sites :- Don’t use escrow service to send money to anyone. They’ll take your money.

Payment for brokerage/importing. You the haggler becarefull of brokerage fees, import duties or any other fees needed to get item form any country. Don’t pay any money before you get item or service.

Work from home :- Receiving cheques and cashing them becarefull. We don't accept ads that offer work from home positions on http://www.globalpsltd.co.uk/

419 scams:- An email is sent that your help is needed to get money out of a country the fraudsters will ask for money to take the large amount of money out of the country. Never send any money because you never hear from them again.

Pet shipping scams:- Ads are usually accompanied by staged pictures. The pets don't exist; the fraudsters are simply trying to get you to pay money upfront. Remember, be wary of any person who does that and report them to us (ASAP).

Is this email really from GLOBALPSLTD ?

If you have posted an ad on http://www.globalpsltd.co.uk/ , we will send you a small number of emails to keep you updated on the status of your add

IMPORTANT: We will never email you asking for your account or payment details or directing you to a webpage where you are asked to enter this information.

Spoof emails are fake emails made to look like they’ve been sent by a legitimate company. They trick people into either replying or clicking a link to reveal confidential information like bank account details or passwords.

MAKE sure it’s not spoof email DOES & DON’T

Look: Some spoof emails threaten you with account closure or restricted website access unless you reconfirm your payment or account details. We would never do this.

Remember: Email addresses are easily forged, so never assume the address that appears in the ‘From’ line is real. Just because it says the email is from xxx@globalpsltd.co.uk , doesn't mean it really is.

FAKE Links: The spoof email usually contains a link to a fake website that looks like the http://www.globalpsltd.co.uk/ , site. One way to tell if they’re fake is by looking at the URL. These websites will ask for sensitive information, such as your credit card details, account name or password to ‘confirm’ or ‘verify’ your status. Never follow instructions on such sites.

Finding a Haggle or Freelancer job Safely

Do your research. Find out as much as you can about your prospective employer from independent resources. This will also help you in an interview.

Meet your prospective employers face to face. Be wary of any employer prepared to offer you a job without meeting you first.

Never provide your bank account details or personal ID such as passport or driving licence when applying for a job. This should only happen once you’ve accepted an offer and started with the company, or when you’ve met your employer in person and verified their identity through independent resources.

Be aware of. In particular steer clear of jobs that involve working from home and simply cashing cheques for an employer you never meet. If in doubt about a prospective employer either Contact us for advice or don't proceed.

Use common sense. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Reporting safety issues to the police

Whether you’ve been defrauded by someone or you think you’ve discovered stolen goods, we recommend that you always contact your local police to report the incident and get a crime reference number. If the police take the matter further, the investigating police officer will contact us. We’ll do all we can to provide the police with any information that assists their investigation. Before you go to the police It may not be a case of fraud or stolen goods. It could be that you're just dealing with a seller who is slow to send an item or keep in contact. In either of these cases, please try contacting the seller directly one more time to resolve your problem.

Is it a crime ?

If you report your case to the police, they'll decide if it should be investigated as a crime or civil dispute. If the police feel that your case doesn't involve a criminal intent by the other party, it’s possible that they may advise you to take civil action to recover your losses. This is done through a county court, which deals with small claims. For this, you’ll need to know the name and address of the other party. A police officer will be able to help you with this process. Learn more about how to make a claim.

How do I make a Police Report ? The simplest way is to go to your local police station or call the local police operator on a non-emergency number. In most cases, your report can be taken by telephone and followed up later. Some forces have an online crime reporting system, which you may be able to find online. This is a good starting point.What evidence do I need ? The police may ask from you: details , date, time of the offence, name , contact details of the victim and suspect(s) emails exchanges between you and other person, ad reference number

Reporting safety issues to GLOBALPSLTD

If you come across anything on GLOBALPSLTD that you think is inappropriate, illegal or just plain suspicious, CONTACT US. IT WILL help us, give advice, and take steps to protect others.

Report the details of any suspicious ads or emails by clicking here


WE TAKE it very seriously the safety of all our clients on our site. The team will looks at every report as quickly as we can (within a few hours). We operate every day of the year, and do all we can to ensure offenders are prevented from using the site again. If you’ve been a victim of crime, the first thing to do is to report it to the police. We can’t report a criminal offence to the police on your behalf, but we always assist the police in their investigations once you’ve reported it. Learn how to reporting to police.